Dancing Lights is an abstract, minimalistic puzzle game for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

While the stated goal is to illuminate all of the lights, getting there is another story
—putting your observational and cognitive skills to the test.  Will the experience be relaxing, tense, intriguing, or something completely different?  Simply touch a light and see where it takes you.

Touch & Go
Manipulate a dazzling array of lights with effortless touch.  Every action sparks an instant response.  Don't bother reading the instructions—you'll be conducting a light show within seconds of playing.

Subtractive design allowed for the implementation of an integrated interface.  Features were carefully combined or removed to ensure no loss in clarity.  

Beautiful & Intelligent
The visuals were designed to be more than just pleasing to the eye.  Their subtle hints and abstract qualities represent an intricate marriage between form and function. 

Available on the iPhone App Store


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